About us

We are a group of committed parents and grandparents, child advocates, and enlightened witnesses who are intent upon making the world a safe, more loving, more conscious, more respectful place in which our children can grow to be healthy, kind, caring, compassionate, resilient and articulate adults.

From enlightened birth practices, breastfeeding, our use of language with children, the limiting of early exposure to technology and negative influences for youngsters, to the creation of environments of safety and sanctuary for our teenagers, we look at everything, including ourselves. Our work is to recognize that our children learn to be whole and healthy human beings by living with whole and healthy human beings.

Conscious Parenting Team Biographies


Juanita Violini

Juanita lives in the Canadian Rockies and has been a mother for nearly forty years. She has three children with a 22 year age spread between the oldest and the youngest. During this time Juanita has also worked with youth in a variety of capacities including as a rehabilitation worker in the public school system and as program director and facilitator for a local youth group centre.

Magic and mysteries have been a life-long pre-occupation of Juanita's and she has published one book Almanac of the Infamous on the unexplained and unsolved. She also is known for her mystery entertainment parties (mysteryfactory.com) for children and grown-ups. Staying in touch with a playful spirit and miraculous possibility is something that she feels is vital to passing on to our children and retaining as adults.


Laura-RogersLaura Rogers

Laura Rogers is a childcare professional who has trained intensively in parenting and child development for over twenty-five years.  After becoming the youngest-ever candidate to lead public sessions for Landmark Education, she met her teacher Lee Lozowick, author of Concious Parenting and founder of the Hohm Community.

Laura lived on her teacher’s ashram in Arizona for fifteen years, where she apprenticed directly to his approach to children’s well being. She was responsible for many aspects of the homeschooling program there, and travelled with the community’s children throughout the U.S. and Europe. These experiences deeply influenced her own approach to children’s education and the building of parent-child relationships.

Laura believes in a natural, intuitive approach to parenting, and acknowledges that from time to time we all need help in returning to what is instinctual—connected to our own inner wisdom. She helps parents see that children are born connected, whole and full of basic goodness, and that it is our task as parents, grandparents, friends and mentors, to nurture these qualities and simply let children unfold into who they already are.



Anke Olowson

Anke Olowson is a certified teacher of Montessori education in both the U.S. and Germany. A graduate of the University of Berlin, Anke shares her experience as a Montessori teacher, school principal, and, since 2005, her ongoing work as a trainer of and consultant for Montessori teachers.

Her busy schedule of workshops and seminar trainings is counterbalanced and supported by her dedication to personal spiritual practice. Anke is currently the resident director of a desert retreat center, a sanctuary for solitude and silence located in northern Arizona.

For over ten years Anke has sourced aspects of the childcare and homeschooling programs of Hohm Community in Arizona. Here, as in all her activities, Anke’s aim is to help parents to see what kinds of genuine assistance they can offer their children, by their attitudes and modeling, in their drawing of boundaries, in introducing them to various people and environments.


 Rabia TredeauRabias-Tredeau

Rabia Tredeau earned her BA in Early Childhood Education in 1975. As the oldest of six children and the neighborhood babysitter in the 1960s, playing with and serving children has been at the forefront of her life from a very young age. She is a parent of two grown daughters and a grandparent of a very lively three year old. She taught first and second grade in a rural elementary school in the 1970s; was the director and head teacher of a home schooling cooperative in the 1980s; facilitated a home-based playgroup in the 1990s; volunteered in a Howard Gardner multiple intelligences primary school in the 2000s; facilitated a “typical peer” classroom at a special-ed preschool in 2009-10; “taught” in the Infant Room at an early childhood education lab school in 2011-12. Her claim to fame is that she has read probably close to 10,000 books to children over the past 50 years.

Rabia lives with her husband in northern Arizona, where she is an editor for Hohm Press/Kalindi Press.



Denise (Allen) Incao

Denise Allen Incao is the mother of one child (age 9) and lives in Prescott, Arizona with her daughter and husband. With a B.F.A. from Auburn University (1995), she has been teaching children and adults in a wide variety of venues ever since, including summer ceramics camps, classes for kids at Montessori Schools, in community centers and through the Pensacola Fine Art Museum. Denise has also remained an active studio artist herself during these years.

She is the manager, co-producer and lead singer for the Denise Allen Band—a dynamic pop/rock group that plays locally, records regularly (7 albums to date) and tours Europe each summer. Denise believes in a life lived creatively and that it is important for each of us to nurture our creative side, and that children should have the chance to fully explore their creative impulses without suppression and too many rules. The creative process is a healing and nurturing process!



Sylvan Incao

Sylvan Incao was raised in an Anthroposophical/Waldorf community in upstate New York and attended Waldorf school for all his schooling years. At a young age he connected deeply with wilderness and Native American lore and studies via The Tracker, Tom Brown Jr., and spent several years teaching and helping to develop Nature camps for kids and teens. In 1991 he moved to the Western U.S. and completed a four-year B.A. in Humanities, Religion and Contemplative Psychology, beginning at Prescott College in Arizona and finishing two years at The Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

In 1994, he met his teacher/guru Lee Lozowick and has since lived on ashrams and in community/shared households for the past twenty years. He is the author of Zen Trash:The Irreverent and Sacred Teaching Stories of Lee Lozowick. Sylvan is a guitarist for the Denise Allen band, a pop-rock group that travels yearly to Europe to perform at festivals and other venues.



Regina Sara Ryan

Regina Sara Ryan is an author, an editor, and a seminar and retreat leader. A former Catholic nun, Regina has studied contemplation and mysticism throughout her adult life. After leaving the convent in 1971, she explored other religious traditions and was inspired by the lives of the great women of Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Sufism who had lived these ways. Since meeting her own spiritual teacher, the Western Baul master Lee Lozowick in 1984, Regina continues to follow what she calls a path of “unashamed devotion” in which she works to bring her life of contemplation into action. Her books include: Wellness Workbook , co-authored with John W. Travis, M.D.; The Woman Awake: Feminine Wisdom for Spiritual Life; and Praying Dangerously: Radical Reliance on God.

Regina is the managing editor for Hohm Press/Kalindi Press, and a writing coach for aspiring authors of all ages. She lives in Paulden, AZ with Jerome Pramuk, her husband of 41 years.



Bhadra Mitchell

Bhadra Mitchell is a mother to one cherished adult daughter and the guardian of two persnickety cats. Trained as a fine artist and educated as a librarian, her career path has veered from those professions to caring for the very young as a doula, and the very old as a caregiver to the elderly.  Having studied psychology in an academic setting, and being a lifelong witness to human behavior, Bhadra passionately believes that conscious parenting is crucial to the continued existence of the human species. She has observed that conscious parenting sets the stage for the healthy enfoldment of a child’s life, and is therefore one of the most noble and essential pursuits that parents can ever undertake.

Bhadra is the primary author of The Conscious Parenting Workbook (Hohm Press, 2014).  Parents need support and this workbook offers the opportunity to create a support system within one’s community.



Pilar Ruiz de Soriano & Lorena Martinez de Gomez

Pilar Ruiz de Soriano & Lorena Martinez de Gomez are the founders of The Institute for Responsible Parenting in Mexico City. The institute is dedicated to orienting parents and families who wish to help their children manifest the highest possibilities of their being. “Our job as parents is to provide the necessary conditions for our children to develop their highest potential, they say.

A mother, a yoga teacher, and therapist, Lorena is a longtime spiritual practitioner and a student of Lee Lozowick, author of Conscious Parenting. With Pilar, she offers a wide variety of courses to men and women in spiritual and emotional development, including conflict resolution, the ability to face challenges, relationship counseling, and alcohol and drug prevention programs for young people.



Jewel Hernandez

Jewel Hernandez has been passionately studying the childbearing year for the past thirty-two years. Over all this time she has become convinced that what is at the root of the world's most pressing issues is determined by the way we are conceived, and how the mother/baby diad is nurtured prenatally, antenatally and postnatally.

Jewel has assisted at hundreds of births in hospitals, birth centers and homes. She is the author of Being Born: the Doula's Role, a picture book for children depicting the normalcy of childbirth. She currently resides with her husband in Wyoming, where she is a licensed midwife. Her favorite activity is spending time with her three-year-old granddaughter.




Juan Hernandez

Juan Hernandez has a B.S. in chemistry and worked as a research chemist in the mining industry. He has studied mime with Samuel Avital, improvisation with Alan Arkin as well as participating in various community theater projects. He is the father of two adult children and grandfather to a three year old. He was a student of E.J. Gold for three years, and has been a student of Lee Lozowick for the past thirty-five. Juan notes that Lee would often say that if we wanted to learn about ourselves … be with children! Juan's creative instincts and wonder of the mystery of life make him a natural advocate for children, a witness to their wise innocence and basic goodness.





Vijay Fedorschak

Vijaya (VJ) Fedorschak is a therapist, licensed in Arizona, who has worked for eighteen years in a residential treatment center for teen-age girls. His experience in counseling at-risk youth and their families from a wide variety of circumstances, and as a father of two young adults, has informed his perspective on working with adolescents and young adults. VJ has an M.A. in Counseling and Psychology, and has trained through the Gestalt Institute of Phoenix in individual, couples and family work. He has coordinated conferences and programs on the essential similarity but varied expressions of the spiritual traditions, and has traveled extensively in India. He believes in the necessity of integrating psychological work into spiritual practice, and is author ofShadow on the Path: Clearing Psychological Blocks to Spiritual Development.




Shinay Tredeau

Shinay Tredeau earned a BA in Humanities from Prescott College. She combined her love of travel, dancing, writing and people to craft her own degree, which allowed her an in-depth, hands-on education that continues today. Since young adulthood, Shinay has sought out a “different kind of conversation,” one that speaks to the intelligence of the human body. She is interested in engaging the pursuit of happiness, not as an end but as a means to living an empowered life.

Her own passion for living inspires creativity in others and her ongoing wish is to align brain, heart, and body in order to bring more light into the world. An aspiring entrepreneur, her current undertakings include: teaching yoga, taking yoga classes, writing short stories and poems, co-creating an independent magazine, cooking health-full food, learning the trade skills of a barista, painting, and making jewelry for bodies and houses.

Shinay strives to find tools to aid her in the process of living a purposeful life. Her highest intention is to create a more conscious connection to life for herself and others. She currently lives in Rimrock, Arizona with her fiancé, Jesse, and their three bicycles


Debora Celebucki

Debora Celebucki has been committed to children, and to their knowing that they are loved and honored in this world, even before she was conscious of those commitments. She is a mother of one amazing eleven-year-old, and a twenty-eight-year student of Lee Lozowick, author of Conscious Parenting. Under his direction and as a member of Hohm, she has devoted countless hours to guiding and playing with children, has offered public talks about parenting, supported other parents in their process, ad has organized and directed a cooperative school program.

Debora (aka, Hoagland) is the co-author of Widening the Circle, a book on creating community within our daily lives. Her gentle availability and clear intention shine through the challenges and triumphs of being deeply in the midst of raising her own child and all the internal work that that generates.


Elyse April

Elyse April is a licensed (New York State) early-childhood educator, with a degree in Theatre Arts and an M.A.in Early Childhood Education. A private school elementary teacher for ten years, Elyse has more recently taught theatre classes in a special program for youth-at-risk. She is a freelance publicist who has been working with books for children and parents on family health issues. She is committed to the promotion of breastfeeding as a national priority. She is the author of several books for children and parents, including bi-lingual editions of We Like to Read, We Like to Eat Well, We Like to Move and most recently, Ready to Wean.

A thirty-year student of Lee Lozowick, author of Conscious Parenting. Elyse is the director of the Baul Theatre Company director, which has performed for years at a Renaissance Festival in Arizona, as well as in venues the U.S. and Europe. An actor and screenwriter, Elyse continues a serious study of improvisation with Alan Arkin, and to conduct workshops in this field.


Christine McMaster

Christine McMaster is the mother of two sons in their early twenties. She has a degree in French language and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. Chris has worked in the counseling and coaching field as well as operating her own sewing business. She has been sewing for forty-five years, and her passion is in teaching this craft to others, children and adults. Chris continues to play a significant role in the childcare program in a spiritual community, in which she has been a member for sixteen years. She is part of the team of parents who helped to produce the Conscious Parenting Workbook with Bhadra Mitchell.